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Valknut Leather Journal: Large 7.5 x 10 Inches, 600 Blank Pages - A Tribute to the Norse Gods and the Wisdom of Havamal

Valknut Leather Journal: Large 7.5 x 10 Inches, 600 Blank Pages - A Tribute to the Norse Gods and the Wisdom of Havamal

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An exquisite, handcrafted large leather journal awaits you, ready to capture your encounters with magic, spells, and the mysteries of the world. It is meticulously crafted using genuine Italian leather.

All our book designs are original creations, developed in our workshop. They are not mere imitations of someone else's work.

The journal measures 7.5" x 10" (25.2 x 19 cm) in size, providing ample space for your writings, and boasts a thickness of approximately 3 inches (8 cm). At the center, you'll find the intricately hand-carved Valknut symbol, crafted from thick leather and treated with special bookbinder mixtures to enhance its durability. The Valknut is surrounded by a frame adorned with captivating dragon motifs. The leather is meticulously toned in a rich brown color tone and aged in multiple layers to achieve a stunning visual appeal.

Inside the journal, you'll discover a book block consisting of 300 leaves (600 pages) of high-quality, 140 gsm weight blank white paper. This premium-grade paper ensures that your writing won't bleed through and offers an exceptionally smooth surface to write on. The inside cover-endpapers feature marbled parchment, providing an exquisite touch. Additionally, the gilded and aged paper edges add to the journal's authentic vintage charm.
Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration with this remarkable leather journal.

Please note that the pen shown in the pictures is for size estimation purposes only and will not be included with the journal.

We take great care in protecting, packing, and shipping your book, which typically takes around 1 - 2 days. Estimated shipping time to available countries via FedEx is approximately 3 - 4 days. So, in less than a week from purchase, it will be on your address.
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